Bronze Sculpture of Goliath Heron and Fish by Robert Rorich

R 91,000.00

Robert Rorich’s bronze sculpture of Goliath Heron and Fish.

The Heron is balancing over the water, potentially in the exact moment of beginning its lightening fast attack. The four fish swimming below are seemingly unaware of their hunter directly above them.

“I have connected more with this sculpture than any of my works. During the days leading up to starting to create this Heron; making the clay myself, sketching as many Goliath Herons as I could and building the armature structure I could feel a gentle energy building up inside of me. When I began to pack on handfuls of terracotta clay I felt a rush of this energy guiding me and allowing me to bring one of Earths most magnificent birds into being. My hands knew what they were doing and my eyes knew why they were doing this. Through making this sculpture I have glimpsed Satori. I know, through sculpture, it will come again.”

The Price includes 20% which Robert has chosen to dedicate to the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative.

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Robert Rorich’s bronze sculptures are cast in bronze using the ‘lost wax method’ at Bronze Art Africa in White River, Mpumalanga and at 4G8 foundry in Woodstock, Cape Town.

“I make them with wooden bases and wire armatures and pack on wax-based clay. I reuse the clay after each piece is done but the wood bases and wire can unfortunately only be used once.”

All of Robert’s sculptures have a lead-time of two months