Stefni Muller studied Jewellery Design and Manufacture at Stellenbosch University.

Although Jewellery Design and Manufacture wasn’t the desired field of interest, Stefni pushed through and graduated with a BA Fine Art Degree in 2006.

Three years of traveling seemed like a long time to be away from her creative side and in 2009 she committed to being a full time creative – not without plenty highs and lows. Opening up a studio in the industrial area of Knysna to paint full time led to a renewed passion for jewellery making outside of the confined rules and regulations of the jewellery industry.

Creating is to communicate with the divine that lives within, it’s what makes us come alive, it’s where life makes sense. As a full time creative, I never wanted to be defined by only one medium. My aim is to be able to create anywhere and with anything, with or without the means of the conventional. The reason I wanted to create anywhere is so that I would never be far from nature and the limitless wonderland that exists therein. Adventure is what inspires me, grounds me, balances me. Creating is who I am. To have the privilege of merging my jewellery career and conservation with one another has been a mile stone.

As a full time creative, my strongest belief is that committing to what makes us come alive is the only real committment we’ll ever need to make.

Stefni has chosen to support the Knysna Basin Project

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