Janet Botes is a visual artist whose work is inspired by the natural rhythms of the Earth and by taking into consideration how deep ecology, biology, the Gaia theory and our daily lives intertwine. The environmental crisis is an urgent prompt for us to live in harmony with the planet, animals, each other and the land. With an intuitive, exploratory approach to art, her work ranges widely from detailed ink drawings to performative actions and installations in urban-, gallery- and outdoors spaces. Other work include Land Art, drawing, painting, mixed media work, and sculptures from ‘waste’.

Mother Nature is resilient and powerful, but the balance of ecosystems can be easily disrupted when the interconnectivity of all living creatures and processes are not respected. When even one species of insect or fungus is eradicated completely, other animals, plants or natural processes of growth and decay that relied upon the species can no longer function or exist, which creates a chain reaction with devastating results. Our actions as inhabitants and custodians of the earth have an unthinkably large impact on the earth – within the palms of our hands we hold the power to change our way of living and co-existing.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world” – John Muir

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