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Welcome to Art for the Earth

We are here because we are a group of creative individuals who have a strong connection with our environment and care about what happens.

Let’s use our creativity and this platform to do what we can to make a real difference.

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In the mean time please make sure that you understand how Art for the Earth works, what we will need to display your work and please read through our Terms & Conditions.


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“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things”Mother Teresa

Preparing your Images

  • Your images must be JPEG file’s in RGB color format
  • At least 1600 pixels x 750 pixels: preferably optimized and less than 10MB
  • Displaying Multiple Images: Interested buyers want to see additional images. Once you’ve uploaded the first picture of your item/art, please supply up to five (5) additional images. We recommend that you add additional images of your pieces in-situ, detail shots, close ups, the edges, and the back of the artwork. Once your application has been accepted we will contact you for additional images.