About Art for the Earth.

What is Art for the Earth?

We are a collection of creative individuals who have a strong connection with our environment. We care about what happens and have chosen to do what we can to repair what has already been done.

Our Goal

In summary: sell art + develop artists + raise funds for environmental concerns + repair environmental damage

The Artists

Our goal is to provide a platform for creative individuals to display and sell their work within an environment that fits with their image and ethics.

Art for the Earth is a virtual gallery which has been setup for a limited number of artists to share a curated space. We limit the number of creatives listed on the site to provide a fair opportunity for each creatives work to be seen.

The creatives have the opportunity to connect and share experiences and process methods with each-other. Better sales and better connection will hopefully mean that the creatives can more of what they enjoy and do so well.

The Environment

So many times we hear that the reason why people are unable to do better by the environment due to financial constraints.

We also realise that the planet has reached a point where prevention is not enough. We need to kick into ‘repair’ mode and that of course also require a massive amount of funding – where will that come from and will it come soon enough?

Our goal is to raise funds so that we can start repairing some of the damage already caused.

How it Started

After many years not picking up a pencil, Jane Pitchford started to doodle again in 2015. First sketching gifts for friends – mainly of their beloved pets – then she started to draw indigenous plants and animals which saw the beginning of Pitchford.Art.

  • DECEMBER 2015

    Jane created pencil drawings for Christmas gifts and subsequently was asked to do commissions.

  • MAY 2016

    Jane set up Pitchford.Art and started the Garden Route range of illustrations. A percentage from the sale of each print went to Natures Valley Trust.

  • JUNE 2017

    Jane decided to build a website to sell Pitchford.Art prints and after chatting to other artists realised that other’s may want to ‘sell and give’ in the same way…Art for the Earth was born.

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